Orange Chipotle Glazed Salmon with Three Potato-Shiitake Hash

Serves 8

Orange Glaze

Reduce one cup fresh squeezed orange juice by 50 percent in a sauce pan. Add 3 tablespoons of honey, one chipotle pepper and let steep for 30 minutes. Return to a simmer and thicken with 1 tablespoon cornstarch made into a slurry with 1 ounce orange juice. Add to pan and bring to a boil. Strain and reserve.

Three Potato-Shiitake Hash

  • 6 cups potatoes (2 cups each small diced sweet potatoes, blue or purple potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes)
  • 2 cups shiitake mushrooms (large diced)
  • ½ cup leeks (small diced)
  • ½ cup Poblano peppers (small diced)

In a large pan, sweat the leeks, peppers and mushrooms in olive oil and season with salt pepper. Reserve. Cook potatoes in the same pan with the olive oil to start, then add a little vegetable stock to keep moist. Stir constantly and season with salt and pepper, keeping adding stock until potatoes are just cooked, you want the mixture to be on the dry side. Heat a large non-stick pan and add one tablespoon butter and potatoes. Fry to get them a little crispy, then add reserved vegetables. Sear or grill 8 6 ounce pieces of salmon, season with salt and pepper. When you turn them over, brush with the orange glaze and continue cooking until desired doneness. Serve with a little glaze on the plate, hash in the middle and fish on the top of the hash.