Romance Package

Anytime the Garden is in Bloom, the Flowers are Free!

Is your stay celebrating a special occasion, like an anniversary, birthday, or honeymoon? Ask for a “Romance Package!”

It’s a custom package, and you have to make decisions. Do you want a single rosebud in a little vase? A half-dozen roses ? A dozen? What color? Red roses symbolize love, but some women adore yellow ones! Or, a pretty mixed bouquet can be had.

The package can include a bottle of wine or champagne, or sparkling grape juice.

And, we can set up a small table in your room with candles and two servings of a scrumptious dessert. Carrot cake or chocolate cheesecake or blueberry pie – what ever you feel like.

Let your stay at the Inn be all it can be with special treats!
Call for Details: (919) 880-3539